About Us

Chris has been influenced by all members of his immediate family, from his parents to his aunts and uncles, Chris has been surrounded by entrepreneurs. From Lace manufacturers to construction professionals and grocery store owners, Chris was exposed to what it means to take pride in your work, get the job done and make the customer happy from a young age.

Chris worked everyday in HS between his families business’ and cutting lawns. Even after college Chris couldn’t resist the lure of the construction world, so he took a position with a local Master Tradesman.

Within a few months side jobs were a regular event most weekends and Chris began working per diem for a handful of custom builders in 1991.

Ciongoli Carpentry started in 1993 and Christopher Ciongoli, Inc. was incorporated in March 1996. Chris is also a Master House Framer.

The business has grown steadily by serving clients like you in Bergen county building one bathroom, one kitchen, one roof or one custom home at a time.

Chris looks forward to discussing your project with you and your family. If you have any questions please feel free to call him at 201-327-8301.

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